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Get Active Time

Week 1 - 13 July

For today's Tuesday afternoon sport I've selected 3 videos you can participate in. You may want to complete 1, 2 or all 3 sessions if you're feeling up to it. See links below for all workouts.

25 Minute FULL BODY Home HIIT Workout | The Body Coach TV - YouTube

Yoga For Complete Beginners - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout! - YouTube

Reset: Decompress Your Body and Mind - YouTube

You may decide to use afternoon sport time as a chance to jog down to the local park with a family member and complete a workout of your choice. Try to time your jogs and keep a log of your exercises to keep track of your fitness. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy!



Week 2&3 - 20&27 July

100-1 Challenge

 (Time yourself during week 2 Tuesday sport! Compare it in week 3)


100 x high knees 

90 x star jumps 

80 x crunches

70 x sumo squats

60 x hip thrusts

50 x plank in and out jumps 

40 x mountain climbers 

30 x lunges 

20 x tuck jumps 

10 x burpees


Park workout

100m sprint

10 Pushups

15 situps

20 squats

Repeat 5 times (adjust repetitions if too difficult).


Card Challenge

(This workout will require a deck of cards)

Each suit represents an exercise, and the number will represent the number of reps
I.e. Spades 9 = 9 crunches). You may want to challenge someone at home.


CLUBS- burpees

HEARTS- push ups

DIAMONDS- squat jumps

SPADES- crunches - No equipment HIIT Workout - 15min Full body stretch - Yoga for relaxation


You can use this time to jog/walk down to your local park and complete one of the fitness challenges above. You could even follow a push up challenge ( Make sure you time your activity and keep a log of what you've completed. Keep up the great work everyone. Enjoy!

- Mr Blaydon!




Week 3 - additional exercises

As well as the repeat of exercises above, I've uploaded a few more links to videos and fun workouts below if you're running out of exercises to do.

- Bodyweight Rows - 15 reps

- Bodyweight Squats - 25 reps

- Pushups - 15 reps

- Jumping Jacks - 50 reps

- Mountain Climbers - 20 reps

- Pushups - 10 reps

- Bodyweight Rows - 15 reps


Good luck and enjoy!

Mr. Blaydon



Week 4

Welcome all to Week 4 sport. Plenty of fun workouts and challenges to choose from today. 


-   Pe with Joe 20 moves in 20 minutes

-   10 minute guided meditation

-    Film a trick shot from a sport of your choice. Upload the video onto your PDHPE class stream. 

Time yourself again in the Spartan workout and see how much you’re improving. 

-       Time from start to finish

·       Rows - 15 reps

·       Bodyweight Squats - 25 reps

·       Pushups - 15 reps

·       Jumping Jacks - 50 reps

·       Mountain Climbers - 20 reps

·       Pushups - 10 reps

·       Bodyweight Rows - 15 reps

Goodluck and enjoy!

Mr. Blaydon​



Week 5 - 10 August

Hi everyone, 

Below are a few options for you to choose from for Tuesday sport. Good luck and have fun!


-       Head over to the ‘get active’ section of the SSC Balmain website and take part in the fitness workout with Mr. Blaydon. 

-       Low impact 30min cardio session

-       Full body flexibility routine (20 mins)  ​


Kind regards,

Mr Blaydon

Week 6

Below are a few options for you to choose from for Week 6 Tuesday sport. Good luck and have fun!

12 Minute Total Cardio Park HIIT Workout

- Attempt a 4km walk/jog and time how long it takes you to do. Try to do this twice a week recording your time after each attempt. The aim is to increaseingly get faster each week.

- Yoga for Complete Beginners - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout!


Mr Blaydon

Week 7


Hi everyone,

Welcome to Week 7 sport! 

This week the PDHPE staff have made their very own ‘Balmain30’ workout to get you through todays sport. Head over to the ‘Get Active’ section of the school website and have a try yourself.  

Also take 5 minutes out of your day to complete the guided meditation.

Keep up the great work!

Mr. Blaydon

Week 8

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Week 8 sport!

This week the PDHPE staff have made their very own 'Balmain30' workout to get you through todays sport.

Week 9

Hi everyone,

Below are a number of options to complete for Week 9 - Tuesday Sport.

- Download the 'Zombies, Run!' game on your phone and attempt your first mission. This application is so much fun for running and walking. You're the leader of your town and have to complete missions by running/walking away and escaping zombies.

- Home workout challenge -

- 10 minute Ab challenge -

Keep up the great work, nearly there!

Mr. Blaydon

Week 10

Hi all,

Last week of Term 3! I would like to say a big thank you for all your participation during sport this term. For today's workout make your way over to the 'Get Active' section of the SSC Balmain website where the PDHPE staff have created an Agility and Abdominal workout. 

Kind regards,

Mr. Blaydon

Term 4, Week 1


For today's sport you can follow the Balmain Spartan challenge. You could also re-attempt your 1/3 or 5km jog time from last week or complete one of the workouts provided by your PDHPE teacher. See you all soon and keep up the great work!


Mr. Blaydon.

Term 4 Week 3

Welcome to week 3! Last week of online learning.

For sport today you can re-attempt:

-1km/3km or 5km jog (whichever you feel comfortable completing). Attempt which ever distance you want at your own pace. Compare your time to your Week 1 time.

- 16 minute lounge room workout

- 20 minute Guided meditation

Thank you for your ongoing commitment with sport during lockdown. You have all done so well, see you all next week!

Mr. Blaydon