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Bring our own device (BYOD) at Balmain Campus

Learning about BYOD

Bring Your Own Device or BYOD is a program where students are able to bring their own computer to school to use for their learning. They can connect to the internet through the school's wireless network using their username and password provided by the school. 

This program is supported by the whole SSC Balmain learning community, including the P&C, teaching staff and students.

All students, and their parents, should make themselves aware of the NSW Department of Education BYOD Policy Guidelines (PDF 467KB).

BYOD program

We are moving towards full integration of a BYOD model, as future proofing for our school. The BYOD program is designed to replace the federally funded, and NSW state government supported, Digital Education Revolution (DER) program which ended in 2013. The school continues to maintain a bank of ex-DER laptops which are used by students regularly. These laptops are already a minimum of four years old and will deteriorate as technology advances. The SSC Balmain learning community needs to be proactive to meet student technological needs in the future.

Implementation of BYOD by SSC Balmain

The Year 7 cohort of 2015 was the first group to be required to provide a computer to use during the school day. In 2018 all students will be expected to bring a device they own or have purchased to school for use every day. The device is to be brought to school fully charged.

Device specification

Device size: larger than 11 inches.

Device operating system: Windows or Mac devices are preferred, rather than Chromebooks.

RAM: 4Gb or better

HDD: 128Gb or better

Wifi: Dual Band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz

A mobile phone is not an acceptable device nor any device with a SIM card. (Please see separate Mobile Phone Policy).

Software the students need

All devices will need to have the minimum software capabilities of word processing, spread sheets and presentation software.  For Windows devices, this software is available FREE to all students at NSW Department of Education schools, to download onto their device.

Caution: Please do not visit the software download site until you have purchased a device suitable to have the software downloaded to, because the process of accessing the software generates a timed ticket. So make the device purchase first then download the software to it at home. Students cannot download this software while at school because of the size of the files involved. It requires a reliable download environment which is best achieved at home. Students will need their username, password and access to the Student Portal to complete the software download process.
N.B. The NSW Department of Education also makes available to students a range of cloud services. Student will be encouraged to use the online services such as Google Apps for Education or Microsoft Office 365 to create and store their work. The benefit of these applications is students can access their work from any computer with internet connection - both at school and at home.