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Talented Athlete Program


The Talented Athlete Program is offered to students enrolled at the Campus who are identified as being either gifted or talented in either an individual or team sport. The Campus offers a total of 35 positions in this program and there is a selection process to take part in the program.

Since the introduction of this program, Balmain Campus has seen an increase in the level of achievement at athletics, swimming and cross country carnivals at College, Zone, Regional and State levels. 

The selection process

Students will trial for the available positions in accordance to the below criteria:

  • Submit an Application Form by the due date
  • Attend an informal interview with coaching staff
  • Currently compete at Regional level and above (Athletics, swimming and corss country) and/or Representative level in team sports
  • Perform to a high standard in two general fitness tests
  • Commitment to training two mornings per week.

As a member of the program, students will be offered the following:

  • Two fitness sessions per week coordinated by the PDHPE department
  • Training programs to help students work towards individual sporting goals, for example, qualify for zone, regional, and/or state competitions
  • Use of fitness equipment: such as the fitness studio, cardio boxing, and circuit training
  • Feedback and evaluation regarding individual performances at carnivals and sporting events.

There is a small fee associated with the program, and this will be issued on acceptance into the program.

These fees are required for updating facilities and purchasing new equipment.

Applications are available via the Our Community, Yr7 Enrichment page of this website.