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Peninsula Engagement Program

The Peninsula Engagement Program is running again in 2023 and will be on 24 and 25 of October for the 2 full days.

The Peninsula Engagement Program (PEP) is an enrichment, extension and transition program for high potential and gifted students. PEP has been designed in response to demand for programs which cater for the many high ability primary students on the Balmain peninsula.

High potential and gifted students in Years 4, 5 and 6 from Balmain partner primary schools are identified and invited to attend one of six elective areas. Staff have experience and expertise in catering for the needs of gifted students.

Parents will need to organise drop off and pick up at Balmain Campus.


Registration for PEP is now closed for 2023.


Programs available for 2023 include:

  • Girls STEM Club
  • Down by the Water - Kayaking challenge
  • Amazing Science - Science is Fun
  • Code Craft - Algebra Meets Graphics
  • Technology Taster
  • Balmain Foreshore Investigation

Amazing Science – Science is Fun

Amazing Science – Science is Fun will involve research in an area of Science the students are interested in and fun interactive science demonstrations, challenges  and activities. Students will be placed in groups and present their research to their peers at the end of the second day. Each group will be supplied with a laptop loan device and will join a Google Classroom where they will be able to create their presentations. Places are restricted to 25 people.

Balmain Foreshore Investigation

The Balmain Foreshore Investigation is a community project that enables students to develop their skills in geoscience fieldwork and data collation using the real-world environment of the harbour areas surrounding Sydney Secondary College using various scientific methods and modern electronics including underwater and aerial drones. Students will use drones, conduct field sketches and explore and design seawall panels to encourage biodiversity in our waterways. The school’s Balmain Foreshore Project is a symbol of the relationship between the school and the community and our combined ability to improve our harbour area for future generations to enjoy.

Down by the Water – Kayaking Challenge

With the SSC Balmain's close proximity to the Parramatta River and Balmain Cove (aka. The Bay) we aim to provide opportunities for students to engage in a range of activities in class and during school sport and make the most of this fantastic natural resource. One popular activity we run at SSC Balmain is kayaking. Students will get to learn the basic paddle strokes for kayaking, water safety and the benefits of outdoor physical activity. Spaces are limited to a maximum of 16 students on the water. Students should have a strong swimming ability.

Code Craft – Algebra Meets Graphics

This program blends Algebra with visual programming. Students will creating graphics using algebraic concepts, and explore mathematics through dynamic digital art.

Girls STEM

The SSC PEP Girls STEM Club will involve taking part in a variety of self-directed projects in STEM areas. PEP students will work together with Balmain Campus Girls STEM Club participants in undertaking activities which may include 3D printing, robotics, Engineering STEM challenges, Rockets, Makey Makeys and Adafruit Playground Express activities.

Technology Taster

Students will get a taster of studying Technology in high school by undertaking small projects using the equipment and tools available such as metal work, timber, textiles and cooking.