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Learning from home

Remote Learning

Learning will be online for schools and students in Greater Sydney from Tuesday 13th July. Schools will remain open for students who need them and no child will be turned away from school.

Below is an infographic which communicates some of the key aspects of online learning at Balmain Campus. 

Google Classroom

Classes will be using Google Classroom for most lesson delivery. Click to access the "Logging onto Google Classroom guide" for support in accessing this program. The teacher will use the post/chat function to interact with the class, ask and answer questions.

Zoom sessions

At times, Zoom will be used to support the activities provided in Google Classroom. Not every class will have a Zoom meeting. Zoom might be used if there are new/difficult concepts that require a lot of explanation, or if a student is having trouble with something and they need to have a discussion. We are mindful that students may become overwhelmed if they are required to do Zoom sessions all day everyday. The teacher will post the link to the Zoom in the Google Classroom if they are using them. 

Roll marking

Teachers will ask a question at the beginning of the lesson, that is then used to mark the roll. Students need to answer any questions that are posted in Google Classroom so that the teacher knows they are present. 

We're keeping students learning both in and out of the classroom.

Explore the department's learning from home resources to support both online and offline learning for all students.

Behaviour Expectations

Like learning in a classroom, we still have high expectations of students when we are working online. Our PBL values of "Respecting others and the community", "Acting responsibly" and "Participating productively in learning"  have been expanded below to explain what our expectations are when we are working remotely.

Accessing Google Classroom codes

Please click the link below for your child's class to access the classroom codes for their class. 

Year 7










Year 8









Glebe Pathways

Year 9









Year 10










Support Unit

Online Learning Bell Times


Our wellbeing staff are still able to help you throughout this time. Year Advisers will use the Google Classrooms for your year group to communicate information and to answer questions you might have. You can also contact your Year Adviser by leaving a message with the front office. Our Head Teacher Wellbeing, Girls, Boys and LGBTQI+ Advisers and the School Counsellors are also able to provide support. If you need to speak to a School Counsellor, please leave a message at the front office.

Year Meetings

During Wellbeing Wednesday in Week 1, Year Advisers will host a virtual Year Meeting. This will be a way for Year Advisers to provide some information about online learning and wellbeing supports, and for students to check in and ask any questions they may have. Your Wellbeing Wednesday teachers will also be virtually present. The Year Meeting will occur on Wednesday period 2, in the year groups Google Classrooms.

Wellbeing resources

If you are looking for resources to support you during this time, please explore the College Wellbeing Way website. This site provides resources about mindfulness and relaxation, health and exercise, e-safety, etc.

It may also be useful to make contact with some external organisations during this time, such as those listed below.

Kids Helpline – 1800 55 1800 – 

Headspace – 1800 650 890 – 

Get Active Time

On Tuesday at 12.45pm we would normally have a range of Sport activities. During Online Learning this time will be dedicated to Get Active Time. Mr Blaydon, our Sports Co-ordinator will post different fitness videos that students can participate in. Mr Baydon will create some basic fitness circuits to complete either in your backyard/loungeroom or local park during sport time.


Week 1 - 13 July

For today's Tuesday afternoon sport I've selected 3 videos you can participate in. You may want to complete 1, 2 or all 3 sessions if you're feeling up to it. See links below for all workouts.

25 Minute FULL BODY Home HIIT Workout | The Body Coach TV - YouTube

Yoga For Complete Beginners - 20 Minute Home Yoga Workout! - YouTube

Reset: Decompress Your Body and Mind - YouTube

You may decide to use afternoon sport time as a chance to jog down to the local park with a family member and complete a workout of your choice. Try to time your jogs and keep a log of your exercises to keep track of your fitness. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Enjoy!


Week 2&3 - 20&27 July

100-1 Challenge

 (Time yourself during week 2 Tuesday sport! Compare it in week 3)


100 x high knees 

90 x star jumps 

80 x crunches

70 x sumo squats

60 x hip thrusts

50 x plank in and out jumps 

40 x mountain climbers 

30 x lunges 

20 x tuck jumps 

10 x burpees


Park workout

100m sprint

10 Pushups

15 situps

20 squats

Repeat 5 times (adjust repetitions if too difficult).


Card Challenge

(This workout will require a deck of cards)

Each suit represents an exercise, and the number will represent the number of reps
I.e. Spades 9 = 9 crunches). You may want to challenge someone at home.


CLUBS- burpees

HEARTS- push ups

DIAMONDS- squat jumps

SPADES- crunches - No equipment HIIT Workout - 15min Full body stretch - Yoga for relaxation


You can use this time to jog/walk down to your local park and complete one of the fitness challenges above. You could even follow a push up challenge ( Make sure you time your activity and keep a log of what you've completed. Keep up the great work everyone. Enjoy!

- Mr Blaydon!


Week 3 - additional exercises

As well as the repeat of exercises above, I've uploaded a few more links to videos and fun workouts below if you're running out of exercises to do.

- Bodyweight Rows - 15 reps

- Bodyweight Squats - 25 reps

- Pushups - 15 reps

- Jumping Jacks - 50 reps

- Mountain Climbers - 20 reps

- Pushups - 10 reps

- Bodyweight Rows - 15 reps


Good luck and enjoy!

Mr. Blaydon

Extra curricular activities online

Some of our extracurricular activities will still be operating throughout remote online learning. Check Sentral nortifications for the Google Classroom codes for:


- Mock Trial

- Mock Mediation

- Art Klub Klassroom

- French Club

- Dance Ensemble

- Girls STEM Club

- Sustainability Club

Learning from home without technology

We understand some students do not have access to a device or internet for online learning. Contact the school to discuss non-digital learning from home options for your child.