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College Learning Plans

30 Apr 2021

College Leaning Plans

In 2021 Sydney Secondary College is implementing a College Learning Plan (CLP) which will support all 2519 College students to individually reflect on their academic progress and support them in setting goals in identified areas of growth, in response to their semester reports, with the aid of an academic coach.

After semester reports are issued, students will attend a presentation tailored to their year group, enabling them to contextualise their report and complete a self-reflection activity using their individual subject grades, 'Commitment to Learning' behaviour descriptors and teacher comments.

SSC Students’ CLP will include the calculating of their College Grade Average, which will allow students to monitor their individual progress. The College Grade Average is a numerical calculation of the mean grades (A-E) achieved for each course studied.  The CGA will be calculated twice a year, using the semester 1 and 2 reports respectively.

After the presentation, students will attend a coaching session with a teacher academic coach to review: 

·         Any challenges they face to academic achievement

·         The strengths they have to support ongoing growth

·         Their academic goals, both short term and long term

Students’ goals and strategies for success will be recorded in a College Learning Plan in Sentral and will facilitate an ongoing conversation for all students and teachers focused on student identified areas of improvement. The CLP will ensure that all Sydney Secondary College students are active participants in their learning, having set individualised goals in response to identified strengths and weaknesses based on their report. Additionally, the CGA will further support teachers in developing their knowledge of their students and how they learn.

Student Interviews to develop the College Learning Plans will be held on the following dates:

Year 10 - June 9-10

Year 9 - June 16-17

Year 8 - June 23-24

Year 7 - July 14-15

For more information view the College website.